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Providing quality record management solutions with Docustore 7.8 – a simple, intuitive and powerful tool – combined with user-friendly Technical Support is our road to customer satisfaction.


In continuous operation since 1994, Docustore began as a service bureau, providing records scanning services to a host of government and private clients in the North Central states. In response to numerous client requests, the company developed a records management software program to allow clients the capability to scan, store and retrieve their paper records electronically at their own worksites.

The first version of our records management software program, introduced in 1996,was called File It!. One of the first programs of its type in the country, File It! was created after extensive consultation with company clients to determine just what our clients wanted and needed in a software program. The program qualities most wanted by our clients included:

Flexibility: the clients wanted software that would adapt to their individual needs, rather than the clients adapting to the requirements of the software.

Reliability: the clients wanted software that they could count on not to break and that would work with their current equipment and programs.

Ease of Operation: the clients wanted software that was easy to use and didn’t require an extensive training program to implement.

Security: the clients needed to know that their electronic records could be safeguarded from both internal and external threats.

These qualities and others have remained a hallmark of Docustore software from its inception as a DOS program in 1996 to Docustore 7, the Windows 7-compatible version of our software written in 2010.

Today, Docustore has clients from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States. In addition to its excellent records management software program, Docustore takes pride in providing its clients with personalized service, on-call technical support, and an extensive training program.

Document Imaging and Software Classes