Document Imaging and Software Classes

Scanning Service

Docustore 7 was designed with the flexibility to either:

  • file and index old records first then new records on a regular basis (daily, weekly…) or,
  • file and index new records only then old records as time permits.

Most customers choose to perform this task themselves for many reasons such as:

  • Ease of use of the program.
  • Flexibility to keep records in house (for shipping cost and security reasons).
  • Ability in Docustore 7 to import multiple records with multiple pages if they are already saved in the hard drive in any format (word, excel, PDF, TIF, image…) in just a few minutes.

Output services:
“HTML Reports: Exporting eDocuments, Making CD’s” section 15, page 25 in the Help Files talks in details about exporting reports and saving them into a CD, an ftp or a web server. Customized outputs (CD’s, webpages) can be requested at additional cost.

Custom services:
With just a few modifications, custom designs can be implemented to automate repetitive tasks such as scanning or inserting documents, paper capture, or to enhance the reporting and exporting features.

For any of the above services submit your request at the Support page, or contact us at

Document Imaging and Software Classes