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Check Out Docustore’s New Lease to Purchase Program

Why should I consider the Docustore Lease to Purchase Program?

If you’re in the market for a scanning program for your office but aren’t sure if one will work for you, then you should consider the Docustore Lease to Purchase Program (LLP). With just a small down payment and low monthly payments, you can implement a program in your office and see for yourself if the Docustore System is right for you.

What is included in a Docustore lease?

Docustore will provide the Docustore Records Management software, Adobe Acrobat software and Panasonic scanner(s) needed to operate the Docustore System. The software and scanner will be installed by a Docustore representative at the computer station(s) assigned by your agency to be the scanning station(s). If records viewing software has been ordered for your lease, that software will be installed on the designated viewer computer station(s) as well.
The formats for the initial scanning projects will be installed by your Docustore representative in consultation with the appropriate administrative personnel in your agency.
The Docustore representative will provide training to the individual(s) assigned to scan records for the agency. That will be followed by training for the individual(s) allowed to view the scanned records in the agency.
Docustore will maintain the software and scanner(s) in good working order during the lease period as well as provide additional on-site training and technical support to the individual(s) assigned to operate the program for the agency.

How long does the lease last?

You determine that. The lease is open-ended. That means you do not have to maintain the lease for any specified period of time. You can cancel the lease at any time just by not making the next month’s lease payment.

What happens if I decide to cancel the lease?

A Docustore representative will come to your office to retrieve the scanner Docustore provided with the lease and to remove the Docustore program and scanning software from your office scanning station. All of your scanned records will remain in your computer system where they can be readily accessed with Adobe Reader software, which is free.

What if I want to convert the lease to a purchase?

Just let your Docustore representative know when you want to convert your lease program to a purchase. 100% of your previous lease payments, including the down payment you made at the start of the lease, will be deducted in full from the purchase price you were quoted for the Docustore System at the beginning of the lease.

How much does a lease cost?

The cost of a lease depends upon the number of scanning stations and view stations that you want to have in your office. Your Docustore representative will be happy to discuss your options with you and provide you with different scenarios to fit your budget.
As mentioned above, you will be provided with a total cost to purchase the same Docustore system at that time as well. Docustore guarantees that the purchase price of a Docustore system will not increase during the time you are leasing it, so you will always know what the cost will be to purchase the Docustore system when you decide to do so.

How do I get started?

Call the Docustore office at 1-800-730-7347 or email us at to schedule an on-site appointment with a Docustore representative. Discuss the goal and needs of your agency with the Docustore representative. After you select the option best suited to your agency, your representative will schedule a date for program installation and staff training. Unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance, payment of the down payment and the first month’s lease payment are to be made prior to the installation

Document Imaging and Software Classes